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GENERAL: Hello. My name is Chris Willie Williams and I welcome you to the Disclaimer website. First off, you can just call me "Chris" or "Willie" or the creative obscenity of your choice. There's no need to address me personally as "Disclaimer," which would make us both feel a little gross. I suppose you could say that Disclaimer is my "personal brand" if you were a person given to speaking in inane corporate phraseology. Basically, Disclaimer is the name under which I record music, so I've just appended that name to all my other endeavors for simplicity's sake. I've designed, maintained, and updated this site piecemeal since 1999, so there are all sorts of design flaws, mazelike catacombs, and philosophical contradictions within. I hope to make it easier to navigate in the near future. We'll see. You can e-mail me here if you have something to complain about. Anyway, here's a little information about each of this site's four distinct garbage pails into which I expel my various forms of detritus:

COMICS: In February 2010, I participated in John Campbell's Hourly Comic Day, an exercise in which you're supposed to draw one comic for each hour you're awake, and each comic is supposed to be about the previous hour of your life. Some of my friends seemed to like my drawings in spite of my glaring lack of artistic skill, and I had fun creating them, so I thought I'd draw some more. They're just simple observational comics about my life; no adorable talking owls or quarreling historical figures to be found, I'm afraid.

DISCLAIMER THE BAND: I record indie-rock songs under the name Disclaimer. I've released one album, The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss, on my own label, Desiccant Records: Do Not Eat! It was not quite the critical and popular success I had envisioned. I'm currently working on a new album that will most likely be available for free download once it's complete. (You can still purchase Airbag if you'd like. Believe me, there is no shortage of unsold copies.)

DISCLAIMER MUSIC REVIEW ARCHIVE: This is a collection of record reviews I've written since I was a sophomore in college; I think there are probably close to 1,000 reviews of varying insight, quality, and wit. (Jen Rydin contributed occasional reviews up until 2002, and she also designed the graphics and layout on that portion of the site.) The DMRA, despite all appearances, is not officially defunct but is merely resting. I keep hoping I'll get back to updating it one of these days. And if you send me comments on any particular band or review, I will still post them!

WILLIE'S OFF-BRAND WEB JOURNAL: Just your typical journalblog, albeit one that is admittedly very frustrating to navigate. Since December 2003, I've cross-posted all of this site's journal entries to a LiveJournal account, which you could hardly be blamed for preferring. I maintain the journal's presence on the Disclaimer site just because I like having everything under one domain and because LiveJournal itself increasingly seems like it could vanish without warning. Feel free to read it all here if you'd like, though!

I do hope you find something to amuse or entertain yourself here. Thank you for stopping by!

Everything on this site copyright 1999-2010 Chris Willie Williams except as indicated.