Amusing Responses

Below are some of the responses and comments we've received. Seems fairly self-explanatory, no?

Marco Ursi ( writes: Great, great site people!

It's great to see so much love and respect for my hometown of T. Dot. We are very good looking people and there are lots of nice parks. Plenty of good restaurants too and things would be cheap for you yanks. And you forgot about our music scene! There are so many great bands coming Toronto right now! Broken Social Scene, The Constantines, The Hidden Cameras, Tangiers, etc.

Now let me just point out that Toronto does has its flaws: lots of homeless people, too much traffic, some smelly parts of downtown, a retarded mayor, 15% sales tax and a crappy basketball team. And you might not get a lot of love from Leaf fans, who will blame you personally for the Red Wings stealing Curtis Joseph.

Otherwise, yeah, we rule.