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All Disclaimer Lyrics Run Through the Babelizer

There's a great website called "Lost in Translation" that translates English text into five different languages and then back again. The software isn't quite as infallible as perhaps its original creators had hoped, however, so the program inevitably returns a bewildering mishmash of nonsensical phrases, untranslatable foreign words, and confused subversions of the original text's meaning. I think it's hilarious, so I thought it would be fun to run all my lyrics through the system, to see what came out. If you're in a William S. Burroughs sort of mood, you can pretend that the Babelizer is actually uncovering unconscious hidden meanings in the original lyrics I wrote, and creating marvelous new poetry from them. Or you can just giggle at all the funny words. Enjoy!

Your Bird is Going to Fly Away | The Imaginary Thing | Clockwork Drudgery | Five Mile Hill | The Decipherment of Linear B | Unopposed | Ultra XX Living Solely on XY | Maybe Today He'll Explode | Why Are They Laughing? | Similar to Sugar PillFixing a Hole | God Said, "Plastics!" | Vending Machine | Like the Backside of a Bulimic's Teeth (#1: Bats = Bugs) | You Ruined Everything | Generic Shoulder Blade Tattoo | Mufasa Kisses | De Sitter Horizons | Hell | Wrong for the Right Reasons is Still Wrong | Please Pardon Our Progress!!! | I Couldn't End It There (hidden track)


Its bird flies distant separated. Its bird flies distant separated. They are ruptures of the drops in his shoulder, but you he are occupied with the destructive things. They cannot see the wealth, in a position to obtain it. It loves them, but you have an innocence, the necessity coexist and are your antithesis, to her that they convince to him.

Its bird flies distant separated. Its bird flies distant separated. How you know relati to him the eyes and the word, you" examines of "Screw;? The thing is average stupidest more and to give the form him could. If you he broke the heart of this little bird, you could break the relative beginning in more. The relative of Morbidezza cannot resistiz they whole he disattenzione. Its bird flies distant separated and ciao.


Possibly gettilo I, for the drink these stairs to the right, the end to see if plus nobody ciao. it gives the healthful form to the relative thing? Task that you examinación of fêz of a straight point in me or the injector of my purses for the moneies. It would not appreciate this. To the times not them master.

A smile straight-line and "yeah, whatever" if you legend, if to feel to him it lacked well. It assures not too much, the end to see it extreme he to press it the teeth and the fists. They task of the task this gioc of the games; They know imagine the game he. I same ciao I that these games could be turns applicable wars soon.

And we considered the one different one approximately here and we observed both to extinguish ourselves of the ruptures. To find conceited before everything, this one that tried, disappeared to be to the thing, before him.

The tin of the brutal honesty is always, only silence that knows the paralysis. They are impotent, because nothing can he saying and to finding not its eyes. The question could be one of secret, but my memory is vacant. It gives return and it turns his indifference Goldei.


Inizii twisted distant and in sides separated. Incapacity and lies. It never produces probably. Sulky and lacks to relative of the appetite. The mark is of the Rades of the matrix of the pulse of the detonation. Disturbado of fantasies. It would never have not to wait for anything. Jealousy of the Kastrierung. Shamed and guiltily. In the misery they take off. Stelze and sbiad of Galahad. The year slipped with Marienbad. Shout of the hearts for, the one that we had. It would never have not to wait for anything.


You can see them he more it surface under possible of the assembly of five miles, only, when my alcohol perforates the perforations to me like resolute armor-piercing of shield of the specific-destructive equipment? Fossa of and the exit is in one and I observe better alongside advanced of the things of I. It would appreciate to the frotamiento that will be implied. Had aversion him or nevertheless the end to think sufficiently about that you he could help alongside advanced of the assembly of five miles?

You can see finish them to eliminate it of the advanced side of the assembly of five miles? I know them that it tin-plates, but I cannot come up - I piss that it has requested, how much of the patient cost more length therefore with me, when, in the order to be to try the dairyman ulteriorly to these chains of the alcohol whereas the aerostat to drain of the purses of the sand after leaves to nadadora the high one it for my pain with you, this benefit in the assembly of five miles.

And my flagstone of tettoniche begins the end to move, more ahead, I in the surface under more possible of this to crawl itself of Filo'n. I think about the guilty excess that I request its sustenation, but to offer it to approximately five of the assembly of migliaia to the resistance of vielem of I. You who he you would see the surface under possible more of the assembly of five miles? What the landscape much limitless beauty, pressed of the relative who the local fixed point of flied Vista is always repaired to local him in my '? I cannot really say it; this throat is too following, of the way this that I v. The truth the ruotata and of the my directions had worked distant moved far from me, but I hope to him that they remain to me, examining in the assembly of five miles.


The names and the faces, that one was to the school with during the twelve years, beginning to disappear mercifully. The good indication is one: bad one good-like turned. The aerosol is of carcasss incorporates my speeds of the drawbridge. Impacciato Koestlicher of silence between the old friends announces fizzling the extremity ours report/ratio. They could not never do them, because they simulate the knowledge? My Adoleszenz in air with the wind says with excessive effusion towards outside. I memory of me was to her our song of the category, but the threat of SARAH of was demonstrated seriously. The memories do not have the necessity of. It would give the form to something behind all the pain for the movement. It knew clearly this bulb of the cheiros in my hands during on the other hand much hour.


Round wing ' in the circles to the damaged extremity of the way. The absurd one which it speaks with the network does not have that to defend here to anybody. It could under my breathing sing the calm, could begin I lost the end to come sufficiently the end to laugh, but I am congealed inside and I around give to return red color him, if the bicycles of the will are felt, ' to the curve. He dreams that somebody, the ' guides of the distant mine absentee of ll is against her. To be undefeated is not each possible recovery, if you he were without the opposition. It would wish to lose or provocatively. It would wish to press the hand and the word, game of "Good, " but, if in this type fantasize, it is hard with the form given of sojourn.

Popular movements of kidskin of Derision given the right thing for desire. My mother, that one is happiness, is "Just of them." notionless; services of "Thanks of the mother, I will, " They are. I cannot support the smile, that one that is pitying passersby of Condescending. Scariche of excavation my destruction in slapshots, because it would not wish the shout.


Victim of report/ratio he to ponticello of the furnace of the particular discovery. You worldly upmanship and brave fights with ristabilimento. They are the raised cut of the beauty, the one that would see if I meant the been on awares, but, because the extremely alive one in XY is hidden is only straight-line resembled he XX a other.

The substance of the odorosa of faekale of the extremity of martyr angel-pure unloading his pori. My opinions continue being personal attacks and you claquez metaphorically the lobby. They are in mental main-travel obvious, like Celestine prophesied Prophecy, but, since then which we did not live in kaleidoscope, you are extremity XX an alive creature only in XY.

That each thought is with many of understood is important to him. You can only examine the crowned truth, that one that explains all the lies. Their decisions attribute each others, exactly if you or of other interests each direction and the only fight, that if it is called infantile, is to the interior totally, of that you that do not come.

Superficial they are sans.valor; the truth excavates in the interiora, therefore in vangata you its nail of I to the ways in the indications of the way and always passes the pettinatura of the hours. Nonripe I'm, you're that is called, that arrests. This, I've has indicated after good bye to the goddess of the illuminated suburb, that finished tiara to the brain, creates already of it's modest, of that one the one of Willensbra of the relative then burnings and conservatory the relative blouse, XX extremely alive only in XY.


Before you add to the changes the 10 instructions, I hope that you he are necessary a little while and attempt ingualmente of include/understand the this: His bullying of diffidenza of the form in all the efforts to be agradavelmente and spremute any possible patience for its advice nonrequested. We tried to be civilizza you, but to this not a function of this whole number. They direct to traverse to oppose, following we who we observed for aerolite. It possibly blows today for above.

Verbal directed his of the harassment could cause vergu|enza with another one, but you it looks like extreme to think about which it gave shutdowns the other way around him, of the winch of him the end to him to look like infallibly with the comparison. Nobody to pontificate interested of hearing. They could inner be thought for the multiplication of the respect, but only multiplied aversion. They make the examinación to the external part in everything, if the things are not their direction. They had not gone away nevertheless to another option, of the way the one that we hoped and for the demand, "Maybe today he, who is explode." he;

We would appreciate that you fêz to mature itself like worse everything, but the arrogance only began. They exert pressure on for fiutare in all the part to the interior, as if our hearts have the necessity of their Obacht. We do not know, because they are worked in this type, but to us to the fed Obacht too much. Our good nature eliminated the cloggings he in fantasies of solvibili of you in fine air.


They had requested, "Why are they laughing?" I pressed its hand and my heart drowned for the external part the average ears is. Don't know." of "I; The defective actress of sitcom and a famous ODB the relative fury of the same situation in me would not have that to raise inside these. They were not of this the direction that special the direction, that one you have. He not include/understand. They had been turned humor, punchline, possibly one that with mercy, a sinérgico of the device of the introduction in the market of the film in Oprah.

Games of xenófobos, the volume of incubus of Riverbottom. It is pain, but it is pleasant pain. Nerve of Sympatischerer that disappears the great amiable Nutzoid. When slur of ethnique not to improve. A section sectioned cross-sectionally of loaded these suburbanites, that one thinks it about diem in the carp, that is translates of "Just, forms it." Too much not very deeply for the alcohol, left his torment to him sensitivity of the conduits that main and small the handles are prescribed, that they had been games of the quarter of the Hans.


Inscatolo the ponytail of suggestiveness of include/understand to oscillate of the taquor of the movement or augur of I to étreindre a sad secretary who of the returns of the hell of the side, detail of the money. But this crap is useless for me, because the side of you, all he is similar zombis. Its alcohol also totally whereas it goes the parks of the Weihnachtstages emits, but one very puts to the fire soon how much you and, that is overwrought. Our love is not placebo, he knows, exactly if you he are therefore similar, pillule to the cake. If I to give the form to the laughter or to the smile, creed, because I gained the lottery straight-line. I think about all the marks, of which that leaves d, like bee of the support of portastrumenti of the picture. If to seem to us snogging like two years drunk or to read straight-line the buckets the calm Adoleszenz, the moment to come creature who lives and from us we emitted all the light with the radiation of his I pull ahead.

Have-you it direction I only stopped. Poichè you are my Scandinavian star in a world, of which everything bastardized to sitar he had worked. And to the times everything, when I to observe it of a spoon, he creates like during the citizen of Anthem" of "The; when they are leaked to me to break the moon. But I can think about the reason so that malvagità of the world like the fist it is that you and I monopolized the whole love, the one that exists. Before it comes they to make contact with enemy with, I made the examinación of the wealth who I finished a dream. But instructd the extended daily smile, therefore to thankses the end to demonstrate my dispersion to me.


I must be that I must worse be. I must be determined. I must arrest to the valuation of Simpsons the whole hour. I very must to little being little description and theaggressive. I must make the examinación of the mechanism of my stupid alcohol. I must more little than he is spineless. I must little distractingly be excited. I must learn, poichè one that I am spontaneous. I must conserve in mine to make hard-hearted same. I must be premuroso. I must exclusively of us. It not really also repaired, that that is. I can obstruct to him and work and be repaired. Exactly if you never must repair ask/make I, I the one of the chos, that is apanhado, in the order a direction that you still begin here to be. I must more little than he is weepy. I must stop to give the form to the requirement. I must stop to exempt those, vibes that disturbo to him. I must take with my life that shipment by mail to fix the fire of the fire. I must be more ambitious and to change the things, the one that I eat and with is impregnated with the I. I must better be a Zuh50rer. I must stop to disturbar to me. The fantasies of the mine must be arrested and to be given. I must be more patient. I must better be total of an amount. I have approximately one week the end to obtain to all the this.


The pile of angels has one, that one that is trampear-narrow underneath my window. Their ideas of kamikaze do not leave dream me. They lead to the hallucinations to wreck: relati him the games of kokigami, I excite for the shout. If to assemble of the amount of Kuekenbereichen or treaters ' in the decree of the purses that forget relative her bildungsweg new he? Or festgenagelt of meditated in one the base of the nail of I he, the end to forget plus its new friend in the Schlafes? an apprehension of monk the socle is "thunk" in my principle of a session how much it had been? My objections were, only "Plastics!" with the indicated God, something to the energy; and of the victories of the God always. The prayer was reduced in a code of the thymus, that one that never I cannot remembering. The faith was reduced in the genius of the furrows and malfaisants of piedini the monkey. Deeply of demands, the one that it indicates relati that you program, you finish to explain, because I the ascent rendering for me gave (I mean the hour to her of the days here who the task alongside advanced of the direction to give to form me to her was similar that an incident one happens), or to be uniform of an aspect of the organizational chart, because all the relative exit the sins of the mine corresponds. The certain hope was transformata inside in fantastischer more, but the indicated God, being "Plastics!" and of the victories of the God always.


They get to be heavier underneath the I, of that one you never he it says, only the one that thinks, but my alcohol is defective rifle automatic of schlitz-Maschine. I can see the thoughts, that one that would wish to articulate behind the plastic smudgy of lucentezza of the cut. Per times I go with a totally diverse thought, the one that I demonstrated with the keys to fact which one leans that it exceeds to me and to the papers of the times of the returns of the excess of the person hypnotized in if only the center and the apprehensions, to give return without the rest.


It is like in the face to some occasions that are perforateed and more. The desire that could cancelled being and the repaired rubbers of the attack with porn, because my ears there are dew outside. They are longitudinally, are to him precipitations of the calls my head, that one that is extracted in Spirograph. Obligation therefore, of that must in the rupture (like buttock of the teeth of bulimic), the time of maudire you east chosen equipment incorrect lobby (like the spiders, of that the drink in our dream) and the incident of the interior of the protection if in the things, because GONE straight-line the end to go to have. Pupates of the secretariat. Disowned very and scorrettamente. Possession? Obsession? Destiny? Elections all are applied that. The hour is also delayed for the facts. I have ecceduto to the disease. Therefore paks of the jump determines it of the bubble, when they are begun its water-drainage of the navel of the tree of the activator of the exit. It is in the ascent, this is difficult, polishing the end to give formá, but the frotamiento ' is in the simple case!


Therefore very it was. Six years disappear very in a breathing of the tobacco in the depth with the memory of corrompues, of that they aid nevertheless not to obstruct could. All these promises, that one you dissolved my crystals with the rest of salati of the lies and you he have volatilizzati you you same and dirty fact. They had ruined everything. They have occorr our past and they had put it the knot to them you of the meaning. They had ruined everything. I age the well-educated kiss. I occur return that unemployment of the absence of a love which I thought d I won. Its heart, that one must, are not defective, to follow to him for which is not interested. No communication and no time, to the Juste measurer to deceive coldcock in the center of my life. They had ruined everything. They had forefeet broken of the mine and they had drained it in the startings. They had ruined everything. I age the well-educated kiss. Therefore the pile of the hour of the by-product of the battle is the jewel of the part outpost of facedown. They are sure that would play for the advanced side, if you to try to force a smile. The fogos of the resistance, being f__ted, fellated and have then stringcourse of Sticheleien. Very famous desire before the time, when one was charade complete. They had ruined everything. The our friendship was reduced in the drainage. They had ruined everything and elaborated those fairies to suffer, that one you are "exhausting." caused; They had ruined everything. Sairam that I hang in ring of noose of the tobacco. They had ruined everything. I age the well-educated kiss.


They had fallen for you to love an old man, that one that falls for scam it of the credit card. They had shown that something of pretty with the ruotato Karneval and when great Criswell played you under the lost advanced sections. He is not this, that one that is really you. Generic Tatuaggio of the leaf of the shoulder. They know its tax through the average force of motivatings of the point the end to pressure and in lathe of it they excite it, the end instruiz it it the direction. Barrette sucks goo its, when criticized my memories. I still do not leave it to introduce. Changed speed; he is very wrong one. Nothing it is, where it belongs. They know me slow to the morning, consequently has movements fastly and in the date of today, I did not have since then. My dreams, that one had cracked gleefully inside [ and ] the reasons in that I had that to believe very, consequently to have IDO and I am you. Generic Tatuaggio of the leaf of the shoulder.


It would not wish to know, this what affinchè he fêz that you never gave to form for me.


I have never imagined that it behind ___ of the pressure would not exert pressure on a and if to look like small, of the right of the principle and, therefore we covered a plus mecanicamente time and we create them like fist of the cold of the cover. The satisfaction with me is not very small. It has a comfort in something, will have been doubled. friends" of "Still; the functions for you, because we decided them of the distance, of that Dekorum and of the reference guide they are defined. Dò for the ascent. They are ill testify for the external part that m. of Erich ' in the tendency for foutu of the bath. It is more effort, that one than I can be supported, affinchè in excess suggests knotholed XEROX of, when we were. I explain two horizons to us of Sitter. If you stop to believe liberations to them, in the order my option like "immature, " to the mark; but I I do not adapt. Not dissimulate. I do not reduce sensitivity of the mine. I cannot do, that I cannot, I who I cannot straight-line.


Its name not in my later part: the Jersey a refusal, of which that I cannot leave. Intentional stupid idiot Metronomic of N/n for anything compressed in a furrow and damné to the later part. In the analysis of the obstruction the love, that one is for proporziona opposed they to the love you to that you make examinación, they form. Exactly if its life would be plastic screw of the lightning, you I am my prism binocular of siamesischer, that clears it of ranges of the mountain of the writing. My member of the ghost, of that the pulse of the detonation of alarming to the lucky discovery, that it is always in the sustenation of the robbery, urlare. In the analysis of the obstruction the love, that one is for proporziona opposed they to the love you to that you make examinación, they form. And she is I is strange will be dead and going to hell. It looks like not very, those not more likely at this moment. And I does not go the white man here no probability of this good target, then I that I am Willeespérerai here straight-line an extremity. Of them they do, the one that is in the laughter of will tinkle of clouds. Strap of the paper of Wadded INSIDE IGNITED in a magma. Transformate within the calm you in Prosa did not give Na__ve, half-leggibile of silence, but they he I to recover, he?


Exactly if I consider the fact that never really I know all the things that I can give to form its heart, the offer alongside advanced of my made the direction green dirty olive and of the hope of them I am similar to a tree of loaded them in you. I know that I do not have a repair and all the objections in the world do not change the things. Not possibly, only the returns of the obligation ignited I with the girl of my dreams soon had fallen. I destroyed his complicated art for I score of the test, I stop in the fixation of the order the points. The good intentions of the mine could not only compensate everything, of which they were not I. Disonore of the loss prescribes that servile I eat of the rim of the Shelly of the sand of soppresso. I can protest everything, of that desire, but I continue being seriously scorrettamente by the reasons that I conclí he. With the uniform with if the benefit to be with you of each measurement to adapt does not know on the other hand the love to me that approximately observes a registry and a control of the points the end to arrest marcature and the equations to me of the nature to conserve the registry. Their responsible heart and Is inside do not have to me leave - lheo to be able with the relative of the deaf person of the person of proclamations to discuss -- donkeys them. Tempsoù de Diami please, this, we say [ as if it Obacht ] and to try can settle down ponticello in abyss. But when at this moment, that I can hope, I will be that [ is of such unjust way ], to the safe creed he much point to a word of this.


They are the M-80 end to the two extremities. It gives goad to the interior of my incessant skin. The forty years will go ahead to the interior to closed something in the left, the end to go away appropriate. And I to promise, when to the allegros of the some noises of destruct to the little form of the I. It would not appreciate during which unentertained goes like, when it is around. The reams and he of Pieg- win. It is the flow of the balance of the against-bird in the indication of the memory of the domestic animal and it is burned very, of that lasci. assassin of the lady of "Little, to hectar to hectar of ha." As this the fight is tired and to fill with the war. Nobody sees all the lack of information one in my eyes and it does not take his cover of the face of the smiley. The wealth is not of a certain chosen way plus one.


It could not finish here, exactly if it threatens not to arrest itself. Everything must league together you you are slow and was here just as with this they verblassenen saldamente of the landscape. Also all hide to the new seats of the reason the burial for the memories. It reels in my windows, but you are always in the sky. Nothing of determined. It could not finish here. It could not finish here, if the smile they lecca ulteriorly my face. It is unfortunaty that I do not know, exactly if you east type of music appreciates always that one or if they rosafarbenen marcature of Floyd you are you of the shout always or you a Kueken of the definitive Blaus. The man of haesslichste in the cliff, arrows in of all the part says the absurd one. They are only defective things of the production. It could not finish here. Work to the direction, that one that empreguei of I on the other hand, since then that you he did not work distant separated. The magnetic polar regions had been rinunziati. They are a used commerce of the address giveaway. But this continuous one is a then Sozialtaboo to recognize in relation to has the defeat to regulate it the excess of the same exhibition if it does not have anybody in the centers. It could not finish here. ' IT SEES would be redundante in all the case.

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