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Amusing General Reader Comments We've Received About the Site
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A Guy Who Asked That I Remove His E-Mail Address writes: you could at least pretend not to be completely ignorant of the first few decades of rock  apart from that, your taste is really quite awful.

Jorge Conrado writes: Hello guys,

I am sending this email only to say: You are great !

Yes indeed, uncanny site, very good comments. I liked what you said about Supergrass, Super Furry Animals and Gomez, these are some of my favoutite nowadays bands. Keep doing that good job !

And by the way, I really recomend "Os Mutantes" the amazing bralizian 60's band. Sean Lennon loves it, the guys from SFA too.

That's all, farewell.

soldjie@aol.com writes: Hey there willie I just wanted to let you know that you suck! I mean your lack of musical taste oozes off the screen and permiates into the room. Quit man....do yourself and others a favor...quit.

KRaZi4U143@aol.com writes: Dear AOL Member, Do to illegal emails being sent from your AOL Account, AOL has issued a Red Flag Warning on your AOL Account. There has been over 12,356 emails sent from your AOL Account. Please clickhere to verify this error and to keep your AOL Account Active. Thank you

roses1@li.is writes: Your site is fine, though i would like to see longer and perhaps more detailed rewiews and more af pre-80 artists.

I am not going to bitch about how your tastes are diffirent than mine but i don´t get your Radiohead fanaticism, just bunch of pop artist posing as avante-garde musicans if you ask me.

Besides that, keep up your good work.

Andre writes: My name Andre. I have been visiting your disclaimer music review sight off and on now for a year now. Every once in a while whenI am sick of all the pop shit that the radio plays, I visit your sight and find a great new band. Music plays an important role in my life, because I'm always listening to it. Either, at home, at work or or in my etc... And there are several bands I never would have had the pleasure of listening to, were it not for your detailed reviews. It was a little more convenient when CDnow played the clips, but your reviews are usually enough to let me know what sound a band is going to have. Thanks for all the great pointers, and keep up the great work.

P.S. Death Cab for Cutie Rock!

Seph Petta writes: Man, you two really made my day today. Having been a reluctant but incurable pitchforkmedia addict for the past 4-5 years (!!), I'm close to reaching my bullshit surfeit (yet I still can't stop reading). Either you guys operate outside the indie hive mind, or simply aren't intimidated by bespectacled fops in tight, nipple-baring Salvation Army T's, but your short, to-the-point reviews TELL THE TRUTH without hiding behind the artists' pedigrees, obscurity (and resultant hipness factor), etc. Case in point: your review of "The Glow Pt.2," which I had been convinced was a great album, just seemed so....well, RIGHT.

Couple nitpicky things I noticed as I scanned your lists for albums I own/enjoy: the final track on Sea&Cake's "Oui" is called "I Missed the Glance," not "...Chance" (though I doubt you really care), and, more importantly (because you heap praise upon them and should therefore have the facts), Sigur Ros sing in an entirely made-up language called "Hopelandish," not in Icelandic. Yes, ridiculous.

Anyway, thanks. P.S.--Hasn't anyone ever told you guys you can't be in a band AND be a music critic? It's like the chicken and the egg, or an unstoppable force hitting an unbreakable wall...yeah, that made no sense.

Mysticalangel033 wants to know: Hi I am just curious as to why AOL is doing a blow up promotion of Clay Aikens, even though he was the second place winner. I know AOL is a big company but have they forgot who the number 1 winner was? Just for clarification to AOL Ruben S. won, maybe you all need to keep up on the lastest happenings in music. Clay sucks which is why he was chosen number 2 by the american public, give Ruben his props he deserves it. Start being fair why dont you.