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Willie's Off-Brand Web Journal: May 4-May 10, 2004

Wednesday, May 5, 2004:

I have a theory, and I've tested this hypothesis enough times that I think it can now be considered a scientific law. I posit that Jennifer Garner is seen as exceptionally glamorous and pretty ("luminous," "gorgeous," etc.) by gay men and straight women, whereas straight men really don't care one way or the other about her. Every straight woman and gay man with whom I've spoken has expressed an appreciation of her physical beauty- if perhaps not thinking she's exceptionally talented in the artistic discipline she's chosen for herself- but every straight male I've asked has given an answer no more enthusastic than, "She's cute, I guess." Bear in mind that these particular straight men are generally very forthcoming with their attraction to female public figures, so I have no reason to suspect they're holding back for any reason here.

The one and only aberration I've come across occurred at work today. After polling Aimee, who cheerfully affirmed her belief that Garner is remarkably comely, I shared my theory with her. She mentioned to Jon and me that one of our straight male coworkers has "a thing" for Garner. Without naming names, this particular coworker is, shall we say, perhaps not the choosiest fellow in all the land. He's the sort of guy who, six years ago, likely made it a point of pride to know exactly how many days were left until Britney Spears turned eighteen, and once that occurred, quickly shifted his focus to the Olsen twins and, now that they're almost eighteen, will surely initiate a similarly creepy countdown to the day Dakota Fanning will be legal. Or, to put it in Jon's terms, "he'll fuck anything that moves." I personally think this is a bit unfair, in that I suspect motion might not be a prerequisite. At any rate, my admittedly miniscule faith in the inherent goodness of mankind is enough for me to disqualify him on the basis that I think (or at least hope) that he is not representative of the average straight male population. To the bluenoses who would suggest that I disqualified this individual merely because he gave an answer contrary to my theory, I promise you that (a) my personal distaste for him is such that I would never willingly include him in any study, regardless of whether his data suited my needs, because I am an immature young man, and (b) I view this as no different from disqualifying, say, a straight woman who punctuated her confirmation that she finds Garner attractive by greedily consuming a live seagull. These people are quite obviously insane.

For my part, Garner reminds me of one of those carnival games where you use an air cannon to knock the teeth out of the giant clown's mouth. That's not to say I wish to inflict any sort of dental harm upon her, of course; just that her appearance has too goofy an association in my mind to strike me as appealing.

(1) What physical qualities does Garner possess that set the hearts of gay men a-flutter and leave straight women standing in slippery little puddles, while eliciting nothing more than vaguely favorable apathy from straight men? How would lesbians react to her? Morrissey?
(2) Would Catch Me If You Can have sucked any less had Garner's brief appearance been dragged to the "Cutting-Room Floor" folder on the iBook that served as the film's editing room?
(3) Which Olsen twin do you suspect will first wind up in rehab?
(4) Does this Willie fellow truly believe that he is funny or clever? How much does "irony" factor into the equation? How much of this post is reaction formation?
(5) What's the difference between Alias and Dark Angel?

CURRENT MUSIC: That gigantic random collection of MP3s from yesterday. This is going to keep me amused for a good long while. While I typed this, I heard "Within the Orderly Life" by Pulseprogramming, "What's the #?" by Apples in Stereo, "Sforzande!" by Sebadoh, "Chicago New York" by Aislers Set, "Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down" by Uncle Tupelo, "Guelah Papyrus" by Phish, "Tomorrow Plus X" by Man... Or Astro-Man?, "Underground" by Tom Waits, "Mamma Mia" by ABBA, "Lowlands" by Gillian Welch, "Wayfaring Stranger" by Johnny Cash, "All Our Base are Belong to Them" by The Books, and "The River" by PJ Harvey.
Blinded with science.
7:58 PM.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2004:

For fun, Adrian Denning suggested that everyone on Music Babble should open the entire playlist of MP3s we each have saved on our computer, randomize them in a program such as MusicMatch Jukebox, and then see what the first ten songs happen to be. Since I have all the albums I own ripped onto my hard drive, I wound up with a playlist over 18,000 songs long. So, because I like lists and random juxtapositions, here are the first 500 songs that came up:

1. Stereo Total- "Comme un Garcon"
2. Elliott Smith- "Say Yes"
3. Apples in Stereo- "Silver Chain"
4. Brian Eno- "Blissed"
5. Daniel Johnston- "Desperate Man Blues"
6. Death Cab for Cutie- "Tiny Vessels"
7. Joe Jackson- "Little Bit Stupid"
8. Gang of Four- "Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time"
9. Elvis Costello- "Stalin Malone"
10. Snowpony- "John Brown (Triumphal March)"
11. Nirvana- "About a Girl"
12. Cardigans- "It's War"
13. Beulah- "I'll be Your Lampshade"
14. Half-Handed Cloud- "Don't Want to be Dirty"
15. The Fall- "I'm Frank"
16. American Analog Set- "On My Way"
17. Joni Mitchell- "The Dawntreader"
18. Super Furry Animals- "Ymaelodi A'r Ymylon"
19. Hooverphonic- "Innervoice"
20. Delgados- "Woke from Dreaming"
21. Cocteau Twins- "Pandora"
22. Frank Black- "I Don't Want to Hurt You (Every Single Time)"
23. Nick Drake- "Blues Run the Game"
24. Sean Lennon- "Spaceship"
25. Tom Waits- "Midtown (Instrumental)"
26. Sun Orchestra- "Driftin'" (DJ Deep mix)
27. Joni Mitchell- "Little Green"
28. Jan Garbarek- "Rites"
29. Ramones- "Outsider"
30. Brian Eno- "The True Wheel"
31. Modest Mouse- "Sleepwalking"
32. Blondie- "Call Me"
33. Arab Strap- "Screaming in the Trees"
34. Lou Reed- "I'm So Free"
35. Golden Palominos- "You are Never Ready"
36. Costy L- "Witch"
37. David Bowie- "The Supermen"
38. Sebadoh- "Crystal Gypsy"
39. R.E.M.- "Good Advices"
40. Creedence Clearwater Revival- "Who'll Stop the Rain"
41. Graeme Revell- "I'm Alone on This"
42. Pet Shop Boys- "Always on My Mind"
43. Weezer- "El Scorcho"
44. SF Seals- "Demons on the Corners"
45. Looper- "Festival '95"
46. Spiritualized- "Lord Can You Hear Me"
47. Beatles- "Hey Jude"
48. Woosley- "Drifting Like a Seawreck"
49. Phish- "Boogie On Reggae Woman"
50. Belle & Sebastian- "The Stars of Track & Field"
51. Yo La Tengo- "Deeper Into Movies"
52. Sondre Lerche- "Counter Spark"
53. Bats- "Straight on Home"
54. Suede- "Down"
55. The Jazz Butcher- "New Invention"
56. Spinvis- "Regen en Patchoulli"
57. Feelies- "Forces at Work"
58. Sparks- "I Predict"
59. Shins- "Young Pilgrims"
60. The Jazz Butcher- "Vienna Song"
61. Mercury Rev- "A Kiss from an Old Flame (A Trip to the Moon)"
62. Stereolab- "Feel and Triple"
63. Admiral Twin- "Blessed Imperial"
64. Dirty Fan Male- "Shawshank Redemption" (hee)
65. Debbie Harry- "The Jam Was Moving"
66. Minutemen- "God Bows to Math"
67. Magnetic Fields- "I'm Sorry I Love You"
68. Camper Van Beethoven- "That's Enough for Me"
69. Sufjan Stevens- "Vito's Ordination Song"
70. Guided by Voices- "Evil Speakers"
71. Max Eider- "Sense of Motion"
72. Magnetic Fields- "The Way You Say Good-Night"
73. Ween- "The Stallion pt. 3"
74. Television Personalities- "Psychedelic Holiday"
75. Marshmallow Coast- "Dee Et Moi"
76. Mercury Rev- "Coney Island Cyclone"
77. Laika- "Almost Sleeping"
78. Bonnie Raitt- "Silver Lining"
79. Soundtrack Mind- "Lonely Tonight"
80. UNKLE- "Nursery Rhyme/Breather"
81. Thomas Dolby- "Nuvogue"
82. Fountains of Wayne- "Utopia Parkway"
83. Nick Drake- "Milk and Honey"
84. Spiritualized- "Anything More"
85. Frenzal Rhomb- "Get a Hairpiece"
86. Gang of Four- "Not Great Men"
87. Mars Volta- "Inertiatic ESP"
88. Mars Volta- "Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt"
89. The Clash- "Hate & War"
90. Pavement- "Major Leagues"
91. The Sir Douglas Quintet- "She's About a Mover"
92. Beastie Boys- "What Comes Around"
93. The Left Banke- "Sing Little Bird Sing"
94. Strawberry Alarm Clock- "Incense and Peppermints"
95. Lambchop- "Thriller"
96. Mountain Goats- "The Last Day of Jimi Hendrix's Life"
97. Apples in Stereo- "Where We Meet"
98. Pet Shop Boys- "I Want a Lover"
99. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds- "Slowly Goes the Night"
100. Frank Zappa- "Who Needs the Peace Corps?"
101. Dump- "Burning"
102. Bright Eyes- "Nothing Gets Crossed Out"
103. Big Fish Ensemble- "Dog"
104. Phish- "Piper"
105. Spin Doctors- "Two Princes"
106. Neutral Milk Hotel- "Three Peaches"
107. Guided by Voices- "Apology in Advance"
108. Death Cab for Cutie- "President of What?"
109. Neil Young- "Don't Let It Bring You Down"
110. Kid Koala- "Grandmaphone Speaks"
111. Butthole Surfers- "Whirling House of Knives"
112. Die Toten Hosen- "Sascha... Ein Aufrechter Deutscher"
113. Elf Power- "Birds in the Backyard"
114. Zero 7- "Give It Away"
115. Pixies- "Is She Weird"
116. Coldplay- "Politik"
117. The Sunshine Fix- "A 93 Million Mile Moment"
118. Residents- "Jello Jack"
119. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds- "The Curse of Millhaven"
120. XTC- "The Rhythm"
121. Metal Flake Mother- "Matador"
122. Mazzy Star- "Fade Into You"
123. Television Personalities- "Parties in Chelsea"
124. Glen Phillips- "Men Just Leave"
125. They Might Be Giants- "No One Knows My Plan"
126. Optiganally Yours- "Geppetto"
127. Breeders- "Saints"
128. Basement Jaxx- "Don't Give Up"
129. David Bowie- "The Dreamers"
130. Husker Du- "Turn It Around"
131. John Brodeur- "Easier"
132. Sunny Day Real Estate- "Two Promises"
133. Dead Kennedys- "Holiday in Cambodia"
134. The Fall- "Dead Beat Descendent"
135. David Bowie- "Neukoln"
136. Iron & Wine- "Hickory"
137. Tom Petty- "American Girl"
138. Mountain Goats- "Family Happiness"
139. Creedence Clearwater Revival- "Up Around the Bend"
140. Fleetwood Mac- "Songbird"
141. Dump- "Girls & Boys"
142. Belle & Sebastian- "Beautiful"
143. Simon & Garfunkel- "Voices of Old People"
144. Phish- "Manteca"
145. Creedence Clearwater Revival- "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
146. Magnetic Fields- "The Trouble I've Been Looking For"
147. Erkin Koray- "Saskin"
148. The KLF- "Trancentral Lost in My Mind"
149. Hamptons- "Walking in the Hamptons"
150. The Cure- "Plainsong"
151. The Scene is Now- "Full Fathom Five"
152. Actual Tigers- "Bourgeois Blues"
153. Randy Newman- "Cowboy"
154. Stranglers- "Golden Brown"
155. Cracker- "Don't Bring Us Down"
156. U2- "Mofo"
157. Husker Du- "Visionary"
158. The Jazz Butcher- "Hard"
159. Plaid- "Yak"
160. Kid Silver- "Hey Trespasser"
161. Latin Playboys- "If"
162. Suede- "My Insatiable One"
163. Split Enz- "Strait Old Line"
164. Self- "Ilovetoloveyourlovemylove"
165. Soul Coughing- "Moon Sammy"
166. Tindersticks- "No More Affairs"
167. Minutemen- "Shit from an Old Notebook"
168. David Byrne- "A Long Time Ago"
169. Carl Craig- untitled track
170. Robyn Hitchcock- "Alright, Yeah"
171. Stereolab- "Wow and Flutter"
172. The Fall- "Hey! Student"
173. Elvis Costello- "Miss Macbeth"
174. American Analog Set- "High Fidelity vs. Guy Fidelity"
175. A Flock of Seagulls- "Space Age Love Song"
176. Radiohead- "Like Spinning Plates"
177. Devo- "Deep Sleep"
178. Pixies- "Manta Ray"
179. Eric's Trip- "Always There"
180. OMC- "She Loves Italian"
181. Victor Krummenacher- "Beyond Tonight"
182. Mountain Goats- "Going to Monaco"
183. Toad the Wet Sprocket- "Begin"
184. Straitjacket Fits- "Brittle"
185. Supergrass- "Mama & Papa"
186. Sloan- "Nothing Left to Make Me Want to Stay" (live)
187. Super Furry Animals- "Fire in My Heart"
188. They Might Be Giants- "I'll Sink Manhattan"
189. Sondre Lerche- "Side Two"
190. Ween- "Touch My Tooter"
191. New Order- "Shellshock"
192. Mercury Rev- "I Collect Coins"
193. Soul Coughing- "How Many Cans?"
194. Eurythmics- "Thorn in My Side"
195. Neil Young- "Birds"
196. Frank Zappa- "Valley Girl"
197. Can- "One More Night"
198. God Lives Underwater- "Can't Come Down"
199. Richard Thompson- "I Feel So Good"
200. Madness- "Cardiac Arrest"
201. Odds- "Car Crash Love"
202. Robyn Hitchcock- "Vibrating"
203. Jim White- "10 Miles to Go on a 9 Mile Road"
204. The Fall- "Clear Off"
205. Crowded House- "In the Lowlands"
206. Grant McLennan- "Hot Water"
207. Scud Mountain Boys- "Reservoir"
208. Neko Case- "Misfire"
209. Burn Witch Burn- "The Farragut Light"
210. Sunny Day Real Estate- "Sometimes"
211. Flaming Lips- "Knives Out"
212. They Might Be Giants- "Where Do They Make Balloons?"
213. John McDermott- "The Last Rose of Summer"
214. The Jazz Butcher- "Blame (It on the Libyans)"
215. Microphones- "Deep"
216. Air- "Sexy Boy"
217. Beatles- "Anna (Go to Him)"
218. Senor Coconut- "The Robots"
219. Spacehog- "One of These Days"
220. Sloan- "Penpals"
221. Damien Rice- "Eskimo"
222. Pet Shop Boys- "Suburbia"
223. Of Montreal- "One of a Very Few of a Kind"
224. Of Montreal- "It's a Very Starry Night"
225. Flaming Lips- "Halloween on the Barbary Coast"
226. Sleater-Kinney- "Not What You Want"
227. Basement Jaxx- "Bingo Bango"
228. Sleater-Kinney- "Anonymous"
229. Starlight Mints- "Zillion Eyes"
230. Feelies- "Loveless Love"
231. Mates of State- "Tan/Black"
232. Aphex Twin- "2"
233. Neil Hamburger- "Factory Outlet Malls"
234. Fleetwood Mac- "That's All for Everyone"
235. David Bowie- "Station to Station"
236. Rufus Wainwright- "Shadows"
237. Replacements- "Waitress in the Sky"
238. eels- "Cancer for the Cure"
239. Mutton Birds- "Before the Breakthrough"
240. R.E.M.- "Beat a Drum (demo)"
241. Reindeer Section- "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet"
242. Half-Handed Cloud- "Can't Even Breathe on My Own Two Feet"
243. Dead Milkmen- "I Hate You, I Love You"
244. Electric Six- "I Invented the Night"
245. Magnetic Fields- "When the Open Road is Closing In"
246. Skinny Puppy- "Brap"
247. Venetian Snares- "Pouncelciot"
248. Ramones- "Anxiety"
249. Zombies- "Maybe After He's Gone"
250. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci- "Young Girls & Happy Endings"
251. Skik- "Op Fietse"
252. PJ Harvey- "My Beautiful Leah"
253. To Rococo Rot- "I Am in the World With You"
254. Kat Onoma- "La Chambre" (Kid Loco mix)
255. Neil Hamburger- "AIDS"
256. Manohar Roy- "Gana to Bahana Hai"
257. dEUS- "I'm Not Myself"
258. Beatles- "Penny Lane"
259. Spacehog- "Carry On"
260. Neil Hamburger- "Disgracing the Hamburger Family Name"
261. Dead Milkmen- "Tiny Town"
262. Odds- "Eat My Brain"
263. Ramones- "I Wanna be Sedated"
264. Elvis Costello- "...And in Every Home"
265. Violent Femmes- "Gone Daddy Gone"
266. Jim White- "Stabbed in the Heart"
267. Gillian Welch- "Tear My Stillhouse Down"
268. Ramones- "Animal Boy"
269. Ramones- "Little Bit o' Soul"
270. Lowery 66- "Picket Fences"
271. John Prine- "Quiet Man"
272. Bill Withers- "Let Me in Your Life"
273. Creedence Clearwater Revival- "Long as I Can See the Light"
274. Talking Heads- "Girlfriend is Better"
275. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead- "Days of Being Wild"
276. Stereo Total- "Ma Radio"
277. Radiohead- "Sail to the Moon" (live)
278. Yummy Fur- "Cryptdang"
279. Number One Cup- "Flickers and Flames"
280. Cracker- "Superfan"
281. Talking Heads- "Once in a Lifetime"
282. 12 Rods- "Your Secret's Safe with Me"
283. Xiu Xiu- "Fast Car"
284. Pixies- "Cactus"
285. Basement Jaxx- "Being with U"
286. MC5- "Call Me Animal"
287. Doves- "Reprise"
288. ABBA- "S.O.S."
289. Talking Heads- "Animals"
290. Yo La Tengo- "Too Late"
291. Pet Shop Boys- "Single"
292. Sleater-Kinney- "Little Babies"
293. Chet Baker- "But Not for Me"
294. Flaming Lips- "Ode to C.C. (Part II)"
295. XTC- "Crosswires" (live)
296. The Scene is Now- "Pinwheel"
297. Sparklehorse- "Apple Bed"
298. Squirrel Nut Zippers- "Put a Lid on It"
299. Super Furry Animals- "Father Father #1"
300. Neko Case- "I Missed the Point"
301. Presidents of the United States of America- "Kitty"
302. Beatles- "Day Tripper"
303. Boards of Canada- "Roygbiv"
304. Dead Milkmen- "I Walk the Thinnest Line"
305. The Olivia Tremor Control- "The Bark and Below It"
306. Pet Shop Boys- "Shameless"
307. Primus- "South Park Theme"
308. Weezer- "Death and Destruction"
309. Ash- "Kung Fu"
310. Faith No More- "Everything's Ruined"
311. Boredoms- Untitled track 7
312. Sugarcubes- "Birthday"
313. Uncle Tupelo- "Moonshiner"
314. The Who- "Let's See Action"
315. Proclaimers- "Get Ready"
316. The Notwist- "Consequence"
317. Hank Williams- "Hey, Good Lookin'"
318. Beck- "We Live Again"
319. Butthole Surfers- "Lady Sniff"
320. John Southworth- "Now That I'm a Railroad Boy"
321. Sonic Youth- "Saucer-Like"
322. Cramps- "Bikini Girls with Machine Guns"
323. David Byrne- "Strange Ritual"
324. Saints- "No, Your Product"
325. Sieg Uber Die Sonne- "You'll Never Come Back" (Plaid remix)
326. King Missile- "Dinosaurs"
327. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282- "My Pal the Tortoise"
328. Guided by Voices- "Gold Hick"
329. Guided by Voices- "Choking Tara (Creamy Version)"
330. Magnetic Fields- "The One You Really Love"
331. Gentle Waves- "Renew and Restore"
332. Andy Partridge- "It's Snowing Angels"
333. King Missile- "The Commercial"
334. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282- "Socket"
335. BT- "Smartbomb"
336. David Bowie- "New Killer Star"
337. Midnight Oil- "Kosciusko"
338. Toad the Wet Sprocket- "Janitor"
339. Monty Python- "Undertaker"
340. Rinocerose- "La Guitaristic House Organisation"
341. Chet Baker- "It's Always You"
342. Travis- "Walking Down the Hill"
343. Avalanches- "Tonight"
344. Chicago soundtrack- "Class"
345. Sugar- "Gee Angel"
346. Apples in Stereo- "Running in Circles"
347. Crowded House- "Catherine Wheels"
348. Nirvana- "Negative Creep"
349. Feed- "I Love You Dear, and How"
350. NRBQ- "Crazy Like a Fox"
351. Tahiti 80- "Get Yourself Together"
352. Nomeansno- "Lonely"
353. King Missile- "It's"
354. Dandy Warhols- "You Come In (Burned)"
355. Reindeer Section- "Grand Parade"
356. Gabrielle- "Dreams"
357. Rutles- "Between Us"
358. The Herbaliser- "Saturday Night"
359. Pixies- "River Euphrates"
360. Odds- "Fingerprints"
361. Elvis Costello- "My Science Fiction Twin"
362. Tobin Sprout- "To Remake the Young Flyer" (demo)
363. Saints- "Lost and Found"
364. Rentals- "Barcelona"
365. Rasputina- "Sister Sleep"
366. Standells- "Why Pick on Me"
367. Divine Comedy- "Songs of Love"
368. Lambchop- "It's Not Alright"
369. dEUS- "Magdalena"
370. Devo- "Wiggly World"
371. The Jazz Butcher- "Rosemary Davis World of Sound"
372. Sloan- "She Says What She Means"
373. Latin Playboys- "Lemon 'N Ice"
374. Ween- "Mononucleosis"
375. Simon & Garfunkel- "The Sun is Burning"
376. L7- "Shitlist"
377. The Jazz Butcher- "Jazz Butcher vs. Count Dracula"
378. They Might Be Giants- "Hovering Sombrero"
379. Neil Young- "Sail Away"
380. Sleater-Kinney- "The Size of Our Love"
381. Tindersticks- "Seaweed"
382. Skik- "Waor Ben Ik Met Bezig?!"
383. Plaid- "Slice of Cheese"
384. Trembling Blue Stars- "Fragile"
385. They Might Be Giants- "Greek #3"
386. Metal Flake Mother- "Moss Howl"
387. Brian Eno- "The Fat Lady of Limbourg"
388. Oasis- "Where Did It All Go Wrong?"
389. Pavement- "Embassy Row"
390. Hot Hot Heat- "Bandages"
391. David Bowie- "Ashes to Ashes"
392. Bob Marley- "Stir It Up"
393. The Jazz Butcher- "Big Old Wind"
394. Pseudo Echo- "Funky Town"
395. Butthole Surfers- "Hay"
396. Guided by Voices- "Pretty Bombs"
397. Pixies- "Debaser"
398. Midnight Oil- "Safety Chain Blues"
399. OutKast- "E-Mac (Interlude)"
400. Nirvana- "Territorial Pissings"
401. Phish- "The Divided Sky"
402. Number One Cup- "The Black Choppers Cry"
403. Andy Partridge- "Rocket"
404. Matmos- "The Banjo's Categorical Gut"
405. Frogs- "Prejudiced"
406. The KLF- "Justified and Ancient Seems a Long Time Ago"
407. Skik- "Laot Mar Kommen"
408. Primal Scream- "Swastika Eyes" (Chemical Brothers mix)
409. Rilo Kiley- "So Long"
410. Men They Couldn't Hang- "On the Razzle"
411. American Music Club- "All Your Jeans Were Too Tight"
412. Plaid- "Marry"
413. Neil Finn- "I See Red" (live)
414. Bad Religion- "Faith Alone"
415. Mojave 3- "Trying to Reach You"
416. Propellorheads- "Take California"
417. Kraftwerk- "News"
418. Nirvana- "School"
419. Q-Burns Abstract Message- "Jennifer"
420. Aimee Mann- "Par for the Course"
421. Stray Cats- "I Won't Stand in Your Way"
422. Richard Thompson- "Easy There, Steady Now"
423. Stephen Malkmus- "Pink India"
424. Crash Test Dummies- "All You Pretty Girls"
425. The Orb- "Little Fluffy Clouds"
426. Actual Tigers- "Bad Day"
427. Supergrass- "It's Not Me"
428. Neil Hamburger- "Dating"
429. Super Furry Animals- "The Teacher"
430. The Embarrassment- "Chapter 12"
431. Real Lulu- "I Mind"
432. Magnetic Fields- "Parades Go By"
433. Phish- "Roggae"
434. Azure Ray- "The New Year"
435. I Am the World Trade Center- "Soiree"
436. Pet Shop Boys- "We All Feel Better in the Dark"
437. Aimee Mann- "I've Had It"
438. Spinvis- "Limonadeglazen Wodka"
439. Erasure- "Chains of Love"
440. Soft Boys- "When I Was a Kid"
441. Comet Gain- "The Final Anesthetic"
442. Neil Hamburger- "Divorce"
443. Tindersticks- "Dunk Tank"
444. Mountain Goats- "We Were Patriots"
445. Sonic Youth- "Candle"
446. The Beta Band- "Quiet"
447. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci- "Heywood Lane"
448. Meat Puppets- "I'm a Mindless Idiot"
449. Badly Drawn Boy- "I Love You All"
450. The Fall- "Bill is Dead"
451. Flaming Lips- "With You"
452. The Beta Band- "Easy"
453. Neil Finn- "Turn and Run"
454. Gang of Four- "I Found That Essence Rare"
455. George Harrison- "Isn't It a Pity (Version Two)"
456. Doves- "Zither"
457. Senor Coconut- "Tour De France"
458. Happy Flowers- "Mrs. Butcher"
459. Tom Waits- "Time"
460. OMC- "How Bizarre"
461. The Jazz Butcher- "Olaf Palme"
462. Morcheeba- "Love Sweet Love"
463. Go-Betweens- "Clouds"
464. Add N to (X)- "B.P. Perino"
465. Edwyn Collins- "It's Right in Front of You"
466. Gillian Welch- "Red Clay Halo"
467. Optiganally Yours- "Rake"
468. ABBA- "Thank You for the Music"
469. Soulwax- "Proverbial Pants"
470. Guided by Voices- "Sheetkickers"
471. Phish- "Cry Baby Cry"
472. Frank Black- "Speedy Marie"
473. Sonic Youth- "Rain King"
474. Sloan- "Torn"
475. Elvis Costello- "Human Hands"
476. Eric's Trip- "Introduction Into The... Parts 1 to 4"
477. Suede- "Filmstar"
478. Beatles- "All You Need is Love"
479. eels- "All in a Day's Work"
480. Andrea Maxand- "Columns"
481. Rolling Stones- "Get Off of My Cloud"
482. Stranglers- "Skin Deep"
483. Cat Power- "Coat is Always On"
484. Magnetic Fields- "Grand Canyon"
485. Stereolab- "'...Sudden Stars'"
486. Squirrel Nut Zippers- "The Interlocutor"
487. Gemma Hayes- "Evening Sun"
488. Devo- "Shout (Hello Kitty)"
489. The Mojo Men- "She's My Baby"
490. Delgados- "Favours"
491. Zombies- "Conversation Off Floral Street"
492. Zombies- "I'll Call You Mine" (mono version)
493. God Lives Underwater- "Rearrange"
494. Brian Eno- "Backwater"
495. Beulah- "Lay Low for the Letdown"
496. David Bowie- "Saviour Machine"
497. Guided by Voices- "Eureka Signs"
498. Jeremy Enigk- "Call Me Steam"
499. Sonic Youth- "The Diamond Sea"
500. Roxy Music- "Grey Lagoons"

I just thought there were some interesting combinations of songs in there. It's fun to listen to! If you'd like to read more, let me know, because it can be done.

CUTEST THING I'VE SEEN IN AWHILE: A class of Toronto second-graders writing essays about Yo La Tengo's "Little Eyes."
10:54 PM.

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