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Willie's Off-Brand Web Journal: June 8-June 12, 2004

Friday, June 11, 2004:

As I left work today, I stopped at the register to purchase a copy of the new McSweeney's comics compilation and Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. Coworker Diane asked if I was headed home:

ME: Well, first I've gotta hit the bank and the post office, and-
COWORKER DIANE: Isn't the post office closed today?
ME: Huh? What for?
COWORKER MARK (at the next register over): For Reagan.
ME: Are you freaking kidding me?
COWORKER DIANE: Nope. All the government offices are closed today.
ME: For him?!
CUSTOMER AT MARK'S REGISTER: [jaw drops in an offended manner]
COWORKER MARK: Well, I'm sure when you die, they'll do the same for you.
ME: They'd better, if they're gonna do it for Reagan.

You know, I really shouldn't be so cavalier about Reagan's death; I'm sure it was sad for his family, and he hasn't actively damaged the world since he left office in January of 1989, so it's not like his death improved anything. I obviously never met the guy, and he may very well have been a decent human being who was just insanely misguided (to the point of being under the impression that Native Americans chose to go live on reservations and, similarly, that people are homeless by choice). Fine, whatever. He was a shitty president, but that doesn't mean I should be happy about his death, because he is a person. Or was. At any rate, just because I'm not dancing on his casket and singing like in the musical version of Scrooge doesn't mean that I have any respect for Reagan, and I somewhat resent not being able to mail out Bev's belated Valentine's Day package just because I'm being asked to mourn a man whose death I am actively not mourning.

However, I will allow this much: sleazy as I think Nancy Reagan generally is and was, I admire her for having the guts to take this opportunity to urge Dubya and his cohorts to get off their Anti-Choice high horses and start properly funding stem cell research that could potentially cure any number of ailments. Ha! With Bush's popularity already on the ropes because of his many, many mistakes, and Reagan's legacy being maddeningly revised in shamelessly glowing terms, could Bush dare to go against the stated wishes of the widow of such a beloved man? Ballsy move there, Nancy.

And here's a picture Jon took of Rita and me looking up albums in the Barnes & Noble database when we should've been working:

CURRENT MUSIC: The Mix by Kraftwerk.
I'm a defiant defoliant.
Bev told me that she heard a news anchor talking about Reagan's casket, and the anchor commented, "He apparently weighs about 700 pounds altogether." Hee!
8:49 PM.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2004:

As I left work today, a couple of guys pulled up in a white van and tried to pull the cheap speaker scam on me. So if you happen to be in or around Shelby Township in the near future, just be wary of these assholes approaching you in parking lots or at stoplights, trying to sell you "a home theater" at a ridiculously cheap price. They left me alone pretty quickly, but I seem to remember this same thing happening to Jim a few years back, and they bullied him into going to an ATM and withdrawing money to pay for their crap merchandise (which, as the article I linked above points out, might not even be actual electronics). I suggest being aggressively snide to them in a way that makes it clear you're aware of the scam, as I did. Anyway, just thought y'all might oughta know that, yup.

Oasis (the CD manufacturer, not the band) puts out a quarterly compilation of all the bands that get discs pressed through their company, and today they sent me four copies of the new "alternative" collection, which features my song "Fixing a Hole." It's a two-disc set, and the package came with a letter saying that they tried their best to sequence the discs in a manner that flowed well, so they apologize if any artist is unhappy with their placement but someone has to be last, etc. That made sense to me, and I'm really not upset that my song is track 16 on disc two (actually, my two favorite songs on that disc immediately follow mine: FIREWORKS' engagingly weird rendition of Stravinsky's "The Augurs of Spring" and LoveHater's "Time Costs Money," which is cool, spacey lounge-jazz), but of the first fifteen songs, I'd say 13 of them are useless. As a result, I'm not thinking many listeners will make it to my song. If you want one of my extra three copies of the compilation, let me know. Lots of rubbish on there, though.

An odd coincidence: disc one features the song "Half an Hour" by Only People, who I mentioned a few weeks ago. It's the band made up of guys I went to high school with. They're good!

Know what's not so good? The new Jim White album. I've listened to it only once so far, but it bored me so much I probably won't be listening again for a few weeks. Huge disappointment. If you haven't heard his debut album, Wrong-Eyed Jesus, it's spectacular and I highly recommend it, but his previous album, No Such Place, was half-shite, and the new one doesn't have a single song on it that grabbed me. (Well, "Static on the Radio," his duet with Aimee Mann, grabbed me initially, but slowly let go over the course of six and a half minutes in a way that felt like the most ineffectual handjob ever.) I also drove to six record stores today in search of the new A.C. Newman album, to no avail.

CURRENT MOOD: Frustrated, but somewhat cheered by the knowledge that Satan's hounds are currently feasting on Reagan's entrails.
This here PDF file is a highly entertaining federal appellate ruling in a case where Motel 6 was being sued for knowingly having bedbugs.
6:01 PM.

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