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The Interactive Mix Project

Alright, I'm in the mood to try something new tonight, and if it goes well, it'll become a regular feature here at the Disclaimer Music Review Archive. (I realize that I've spent quite a bit of time lately introducing new features to the site- Song of the Day and so forth- as opposed to just writing reviews like I'm supposed to. Sorry. I'm just trying to break things up a bit, because most of the albums I have in the reviewing queue are ones by bands I've already gone on about at some length- Midnight Oil, the Fall, PJ Harvey, Mercury Rev, etc.- and I'm getting bored with talking about them.)

So here's how the Mix section of the site is going to work: I'll pick a topic or mood or whatever and suggest a tracklist for an 80-minute mix CD based on it, explaining why I think each song is an appropriate inclusion. Ideally, you will then e-mail me a different tracklist, comprising other songs you think would work in creating the desired mood for you, hopefully with little explanations for each song, but that's up to you. Give your mix a clever name, too, because naming things is one of life's little joys, and for those of us who find the idea of procreating kind of off-putting, that's all we've got. I will then post your tracklist below. We can eventually do party mixes, angry mixes, gettin'-it-on mixes, whatever, and have a bunch of different suggestions from everyone- I think it'll be a fun sort of game, if it works. And yes, I realize this site is getting pretty cannibalistic, since the same songs could theoretically appear here, as Songs of the Day, and in the list of MP3s to download, but I don't care, because I still think it'll be fun. And I should point out that the idea is sort of stolen from Steve Knowlton's review of the Valentine's mix tape that Jessica made for him, so thanks for the inspiration, Steve!


The Heartbreak Mix (featuring tracklists by Willie, Jeff Dixon, Saman Hosseini, Anne Becking, and Oleg Sobolev)
The Love Mix (featuring a special guest tracklist by Cole Bozman! And then a tracklist by Willie.)
The Best of 2003 Mix (featuring tracklists by Willie, Norville Barnes, Mike DeFabio, SoulCrusher77, Mike Bryant, and Joe Friesen.)
The Unrequited Love Mix (featuring a special guest tracklist by Oleg Sobolev and a tracklist by Mike DeFabio.)
The Best of 2004 Mix (featuring tracklists by Willie, Norville Barnes, GoFunBurnMan13, and Jon Walter.)
The Best of 2005 Mix (featuring a tracklist by Willie for starters, then Joe Friesen.)
The Best of 2006 Mix (featuring a tracklist by Willie)
The Best of 2007 Mix (featuring a tracklist by Willie)
The Best of 2009 Mix (featuring a tracklist by Willie)
The Best of 2010 Mix (featuring a tracklist by Willie)


Review of Songs for an Alright Day, a mix from Cosmic Ben Marlin