"Send Two Disillusioned American Kids to a More Sensible Nation for a Bit."

Hi! I'm Jessi!                                      

                  And I'm Chris!

(in unison)

We're Jessi 'n' Chris!
(and our caricatures should have heads soon)

She's a college student and bookstore employee; he's an aspiring musician whose lofty goals are belied by the fact that he works in a receiving room! Together, they're hoping to temporarily escape from the nation whose government shunned their ideals that don't involve killing a bunch of innocent people on all sides! Come join us for hours of bleeding-heart-liberal fun, as these two crazy pacifists try to cajole their readers into funding a goodwill trip to Toronto, Ontario! (Canada.) It's like the original Odd Couple- on a global scale!

The impossible-to-verify Peoria Sentinel-Observer says, "Jessi 'n' Chris are [better] than ever! The conflation of [cogent] pacifist arguments and [undeniably brilliant] humor is... good... forever... White Castle!"

Oh, and also, go buy Cat Power's new album You Are Free... though that really doesn't have any bearing on what we're trying to do here.