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Mix Suggestion: The Unrequited Love Mix

We've done The Love Mix and The Heartbreak Mix so far, so why not touch on that delightfully disappointed feeling that falls somewhere inbetween: when you fall in love with someone who doesn't feel the same way about you? Well, as suggested by Oleg Sobolev, that's what we're doing. Start us off, Oleg!

A One-Way Love Mix
by Oleg Sobolev

Got a mix suggestion for you - you have your love mix, your heartbreak mix, how about a one-way love mix. Yesterday, after saying "I love you" to the girl (for the first time! Really!), I've been told that I'm surely a cute guy, but nothing much. That's it. So, today, I was listening to the songs that remind me of someone I love, but who doesn't feel anything for me. Let's go!

1. Radiohead - "Creep" (3:55) - an obvious choice, but, hey, don't we all feel like the protoganist in this song at least once in our lifetime? Also, it's a perfect opener and a great song by its' own right. I guess I like the acoustic version (on My Iron Lung EP) more, but, you know, that's because it's so perfectly crafted, but this version, however, fills my blood with pain and sorrow. That's it.

2. Blur - "Bugman" (4:47) - after a turn off, you feel a little bit mad. Don't argue. You want to go out, throw away your clothes, jump, tell your world about your feelings and everything like that. Yeah, I know this tune comes from a heartbreak album (screw you, Willie, 13 rules, by the way), but a man like me can perfectly relate to it. Graham Coxon sets his guitar on fire, changing the tone constantly and playing completely off tune, and it makes the song even more weirder.

3. 10cc - "I'm Not In Love" (6:04) - another predictable choice, but what can I do? This song is genius, revolutionary, melodic, whatever you may say. Thousand of vocal layers, lovely percussion and Moog, and, of course, Eric Stewart singing: "I'm not in love/ So don't forget it/ It's just a silly phase I'm going to/ And just because I call you up/ Don't get me wrong, don't think you've got it made". Damn it, I know she loves me deep in her soul.

4. Pixies - "I've Been Tired" (3:00) - yeah, I guess she's been tired of my constant phone calls and trying to get her walk out with me. And I wanna be a singer like Frank Black Francis too.

5. Ween - "Even If You Don't" (3:25) - well, the song's message as the whole surely doesn't fit here, but... "I love you/ Even if you don't". 'Nuff said.

6. Manic Street Preachers - "Yes" (4:58) - I think I'm going to fake my death like Richey Edwards did. Ah, wait, he actually killed himself because of being a miserable, completely miserable person. Alcoholism, anorexia, fuck-you-all-i-wanna-die attitude - I felt like Richey for some last days. "Yes" is probably the most depressed (not *depressing*, *depressed*) song I've ever heard, so I put it here. I'm depressed.

7. Nick Drake - "Know" (2:25) - vocalising over an old cranky blues progression, a true British bard explained all the bitter feelings in one musical piece. "You know that I love you/ You know I don't care"... And, in the finale, Nick's voice suddenly falls down like from the highest mountain. Magnificent.

8. Van Der Graaf Generator - "House With No Door" (6:03) - Peter Hammill was the first true emo man of all time. And probably the best one. On this particular song, he just gets his heart out: "I don't know you/ You say you know me/ That may be so/ But there's so much that I'm not sure of/ You call my name/ But it sounds unreal/ I forgot what I feel/ My body's rejecting the cure"... And a glorious, gorgeous flute solo that always gives me shivers down my spine.

9. U2 - "An Cat Dubh"/"Into The Heart" (8:13) - completely awesome. The moment where Edge plays one straight phrase on the guitar surrounded by pulsating bass is, probably, my favourite moment in music ever. It's gorgeous beyond words. As the song itself. And it also really reminds me of that girl.

10. Faith No More - "Jizzlobber" (6:33) - this is a weird song. It's about a guy who masturbates way too much, gets in prison for that and waits for his death. I don't know what is the reason for the inclusion of this song on here, true... Perhaps it's just the line "I'M TRYING TO ACT JUST LIKE NOTHING'S HAPPENED!" that is screamed out by Mike Patton in a way that's everything, to quote another Faith No More song, is ruined. Actually, Patton has his best vocal ever on here, probably - you should actually hear to understand it. And the song's two codas are incredible. The first one ("I AM WHAT I'VE DOOOOOOOOONE I'M SOOOOOOOOOORRRY") is THE impression of inevitable death in music, and the second one (where Roddy Bottum sets his organ on fire) is equally hopeless too. Ugh, I feel so broken.

11. The Dismemberment Plan - "Memory Machine" (2:43) - "Some folks think to have have a soul you gotta SUUUUUUUFFEEEEEEEEEER", - sings Travis Morrison over some chaotic background noise that somehow becomes music, and you know what he actually means. Or you don't know. I know that I don't know. Sorry, but I got messed up here at all.

12. The Smiths - "I Know It's Over" (5:48) - such a predictable choice, once again, but this song nails it all: "I know it's over/ But did it really begin?" Morrissey, love him or hate him, is a one wise people. And a great poet, above all. He makes this song absolutely stunning, giving it at theatrical feeling. Johnny Marr just stand in the corner and smokes dope, and he wrote the music here. But Morrissey means it all.

13. The Beach Boys - "Passing By" (2:24) - an instrumental, and one of the most perfect I've evr heard. And the title fits in here, don't you think so? Brian Wilson sings some a capella lines on here, and he sounds like he's floating.

14. They Might Be Giants - "The End Of The Tour" (3:20) - you can tall this song has no distinctive meaning. One of my guesses is that it's a turn off song, but, hey, I'm obsessed! By the way, first time I heard this song, I really cried. It's so sad. People who say that TMBG is a joke band don't know a think about them.

15. Sigur Ros - Untitled 8/"Pop Song" (11:48) - this is a definite depression music. The saddest thing ever. It makes me want to kill people, to ruin this world, to... Well, this is just one of the best things I've ever heard and it painfully reminds me of that girl, because Sigur Ros is one of her fave bands. And this piece is wonderful. It is.


"You're Such a Nice Guy..."
by Mike DeFabio

1. Gang Of Four - "Anthrax." There's no better way to begin an unrequited love mix than with a minute-long blast of violent feedback, so this pounding chant from our happy friends in Gang Of Four is the perfect opener. The lyrics equate love with the titular infectious disease, and as ridiculous as such a statement is, it's still awfully hard to disagree with while you're listening.

2. Radiohead - "India Rubber." "Creep" is the obvious choice, but I prefer this b-side from the "Fake Plastic Trees" single, about some incredibly evil woman who manipulates poor Thom into doing whatever she wants. The laughter during the fade is a perfect encapsulation of what we all know the girls really think about us.

3. The Police - "Does Everyone Stare." Although Sting doesn't sound quite convincing in the role of a nervous, awkward dork, even his enormous ego can't ruin this brilliant Stewart Copeland composition, in which the protagonist is so terrified of the girl he's after that he rejects himself before she even has a chance to.

4. Nick Drake - "Man In A Shed." The ladies don't like it when you're poor, and if you live in a shed, that just about ruins any chance you might have. The saddest thing about this song is the way it tries so hard to maintain a cheerful, optimistic tone. It's always upsetting when even the music you're listening to is kidding itself.

5. Nick Cave - "From Her To Eternity." There's a line between unrequited love and frightening obsession, and Nick Cave just threw up on it. If any of you ever find yourselves the object of Nick Cave's affection, change your name and move to Antarctica. The piano in this song says all that needs to be said.

6. XTC - "Snowman." XTC are one of those "look how clever we are" bands, and as a result they tend to go a little too far with their metaphors. But this song is just adorably sad. You can't help but feel sorry for the poor sad metaphorical snowman guy that can't get no lovin'.

7. Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention - "I Ain't Got No Heart." You tell 'em, Frank! Love is for stupid people! We're all WAY too smart for that garbage. Aren't we?

8. Tori Amos - "I'm Not In Love." Go ahead and include the original 10cc version if you must. But the Tori Amos version, from her universally dismissed covers album, deserves a mention. She strips away all the pleasant elements of the original, and what we're left with is downright scary. The soft, fuzzy self-pity of the 10cc version is replaced with what appears to be a cold, almost psychopathic disdain for any human emotion. She sounds like she's about to kill someone.

9. The Smiths - "Ask." An unrequited love mix without a Smiths song is like a sandwich without the sandwich, and while most people would probably choose the mopiest Smiths song they can find (like "How Soon Is Now?" or "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me"), I think a relatively less suicidal song like "Ask" also fits the bill quite nicely.

10. The Flaming Lips - "Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell." I know a lot of you out there hate the Flaming Lips now that they've gone all soft and squooshy on us, but I still love 'em. I'm pretty sure no one could pull off a song as sad as this one using such a ridiculous sounding synth-bass. (I've gotten so used to the Kleptones' Busta Rhymes mashup that the original sounds wrong to me now.)

11. Nomeansno - "Lonely." "Good intent/And honesty/Do not redeem/Stupidity." Word, Nomeansno.

12. Mogwai - "Like Herod." This is a lengthy instrumental, and is included in order to make the mix longer. It fits pretty well, though. It's bitter!

13. Dinosaur Jr. - "Don't." There are only five words in this song ("WHY DON'T YOU LIKE ME???") but Lou Barlow screams them so fervently that once they finished recording the song, he was coughing up blood.