New Stuff

These are the most recent updates to the page, if you're interested. Unless noted otherwise, these updates are all by Willie:

12/22/09: Added my "Best Songs of 2009" mix tracklist.

11/23/08: Reviewed Down the River of Golden Dreams by Okkervil River and They Shoot, We Score by Yo La Tengo.

10/30/08: Added a review of Last Days of Wonder by The Handsome Family.

10/6/08: Happy birthday, Bev! Added a review of Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See by Okkervil River.

9/25/08: Added a review of Singing Bones by The Handsome Family.

4/28/08: Added a review of Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? by Of Montreal.

4/26/08: Added reviews of Jukebox by Cat Power.

4/21/08: Added a review of Twilight by The Handsome Family.

4/20/08: Added a review of I Love My Computer by Lektrogirl.

4/15/08: Finally reviewed Twin Cinema by the New Pornographers.

3/22/08: Added a review of Golden Delicious by Mike Doughty.

3/17/08: Added a review of Transnormal Skiperoo by Jim White.

3/16/08: Added a review of In Rainbows by Radiohead.

12/8/07: Added a review of Luxor by Robyn Hitchcock.

12/3/07: Added a review of Calling Over Time by Edith Frost.

11/21/07: Added a review of Kolner Brett by To Rococo Rot.

11/20/07: Added reviews of I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass by Yo La Tengo and I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being the Master by Electric Six.

10/25/07: Added reviews of Smilehouse by Mark Prindle and La Cucaracha by Ween.

9/23/07: Added reviews of _snd by Microstoria, the Spitting Feathers EP by Thom Yorke, and Live at Schuba's Tavern by The Handsome Family.

9/1/07: Added a review of Rise to Your Knees by Meat Puppets

8/7/07: Added a review of The Else by They Might Be Giants.

8/5/07: Added reviews of Picaresque by the Decemberists and The Friends EP by Ween.

6/23/07: Added reviews of Down in the Valley and In the Air by The Handsome Family.

6/20/07: Added a review of Veiculo by To Rococo Rot.

6/12/07: Added a review of At War with the Mystics by The Flaming Lips

5/27/07: Added a review of No Word From Tom by Hem and Witching Hour by Ladytron.

5/24/07: Added a review of Svartedauen by When.

5/22/07: Added a review of The Greatest by Cat Power.

5/21/07: Added a review of Ice Cream Truckin' by Twink.

5/15/07: Added a review of Between the Bridges by Sloan.

4/24/07: Added a review of Live 04 by Mouse on Mars.

4/22/07: Added reviews of Switzerland by the Electric Six and New Magnetic Wonder by Apples in Stereo.

4/14/07: Added reviews of Searching for the Scientist: Live Recordings and See You Later Oscillator by The Spacewürm.

4/11/07: Added reviews of The Satanic Twins by Of Montreal and Senor Smoke by Electric Six.

4/1/07: Added a review of Cd. by To Rococo Rot.

3/17/07: Added a review of Guerolito by Beck.

3/10/07: Added a review of Guero by Beck.

3/5/07: Added reviews of the Looming in the Gloom EP, The New Despair EP, and The Tragic Treasury: Songs from A Series of Unfortunate Events by the Gothic Archies.